"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."
Vincent Van Gogh

Hello! My name is Alexis, I'm seventeen and from southern California.
I'm a reader, an admirer of art, a makeup and fashion history fanatic...
An aspiring costume designer, with a burning need to show off my take on characters. And a part of one to many fandoms.
A lover of reviews and an avid opinion giver...
Basically, I like old stuff, I love to read... Also, animals. I like those too...

I should have a youtube channel at some point. I'll keep you updated on that bit.


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Yay! New post!

I actually spent three days shooting the look…  Because of the glitter mess it look three hours to put on flawlessly, so I’d either not like the way it turned out or the lighting would get bad…

I really hope you guys like it, because I’m pretty proud of it… 

Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn.

"The man blocking the doorway was as tall and thin as a rail, his hair a crown of dense black spikes. His eyes were crusted with a raccoon mask of charcoal glitter… He raked a ring-laden hand through his spiked hair…

"Children of the Nephilim" he said. "Well, well. I don’t recall inviting you"

Who doesn’t love a good mysterious 800 year old warlock who throws great parties? The answer is nobody. 

Makeup: Eyes: Cream base by Benefit, in “holy smokes!”  Green, Stila Ultimate Color palette. Purple, Lancom eyeshadow in “Color Design” over a Physicians Formula gel eyeliner. Blue, “Blue Had Me at Hello” by Wet n Wild. Glitter also by Wet n Wild. Eyeliner by Rimmel, Soft kohl in black. The black/blue is a dicontued shade from BFTE. Mascara, Covergirl and Stila. Face: Revlon Naked foundation. Maybelline Fit Me concealer. Old blush and bronzer.

Under the break I talk more about the look, if you’re curious. 

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Currently editing the first post for my Mortal Instruments inspired mini series, it should be up later today or tomorrow.

I like how I’m like “MAGIC, IT WILL HAPPPEEEEN”.

then i disappear and lose three followers…


So, uh, guess who has two new camera lenses to make blog magic with?

Me. The answer is me. 

Lets all hope the new stuff will be good. 

Also, fandom stuff.

That’s all I’m going to say to that. -winks-

So, since I have very little interesting content to post, because I’m waiting to get a lens that works. I figured that I would show you guys my ridiculous “light box” set up I used to take the pictures for the reviews I just put up.

That’s a Jefferey Campbell shoe box, four magazines, another shoe box, and an extra copy of my all time favorite sewing book (I’ll be talking about sewing here in the near future, again, I’m getting a new camera lens). Then I leaned all of that up against my closet door.

It’s held together with the backside of some wrapping paper and taped up with zebra duck tape (that being the only option is this case). And, I shut all the shades in my room so my flash would come on.

Alexis: The master of makeshift photography.   

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser, $4.69 at Target.

After having used an eye cream of sorts to take mascara off for a good long while I decided to give this classic a try.

The packaging is plain, plastic and has a study cap, probably the same Pond’s has used for ten years. But I’m sure if having it out on your vanity or bathroom counter was really a big deal you could just move it in to a pretty jar.

The price of this stuff for the amount (6.1 oz.) you’re getting is pretty terrific. 

You don’t really have to use a massive amount of this stuff to get it to work. It takes just about everything off without a trace very, very easily. You don’t have to do any tugging or dragging like with normal makeup remover, you sort of rub in circles and it breaks everything right down. It’s not irritating in the slightest, its really very gentle.

You can do things like take mascara off with out touching any other part of your makeup. It also removes glitter and that clingy body shimmer stuff, pretty well.

The cream itself has an oily lotion like consistency but a bit thicker and not quite as heavy as body butter that you can wash off or leave to set in your skin. It doesn’t feel heavy or overly greasy.

It smells like powder and roses, a very familiar ”Grandma-y” smell. But its not over powering or nasty, its kind of fancy really.

Overall I’m glad I picked this stuff up. I use it whenever I take off my makeup now, it would be fantastic for someone who has sensitive skin or finds taking their makeup off every night tedious (I being one of said people).

Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 15 Fair, $5.49 at Target.

I’m constantly on the search for a good under eye concealer, and I picked this up after having it recommend by Gossmakeupartist.

This concealer goes along with the rest of the Maybelline Fit Me line which is a super basic line of face makeup. I’d never tried anything from the line and had heard very mixed reviews about it.

This stuff is surprisingly fantastic. The packaging is pretty standard, basically a lip gloss tube, with a doe foot applicator that extends to the very bottom of the tube (instead of stopping half way to the bottom like lip glosses do…Then you have to take the stopper out and it gets lip gloss all over you makeup bag…). 

It’s a light, but really buildable coverage and pigmentation is nice even though its a lighter coverage. It has a very dewy finish, which I love because I have dry skin and crepey under eyes. As well as having a pretty large selection of colors, which is you know, great.

It blends really, really well. But, creases like mad. Which means you have to set it with a powder, a prospect I’m not to fond of because nothing is worse than dry under eyes (in my book at least). A finely milled translucent powder eliminates that problem though.

Staying power: set with powder is fine, pretty average. 

Overall I love this stuff, mainly because its so dewy. I’ve tried a good number of concealers and this one takes the cake.  It’s cheap, covers well, isn’t dry… I love it. Its not to expensive.  Try it out. 

E.l.f studio blush in Pink Passion. $3 at Target.

I picked up this blush to replace a shade of older discontinued Artistry blush that I couldn’t list on this blog. I’m glad I did. This blush is made of perfection and pink magic.

The packaging is lovely. Sturdy matte plastic that you can see the blush itself through, with a mirror. Which for a blush is great. Even the packaging it came in was really nice, especially for a 3 dollar blush. 

The color (as well as it being matte) its self is pretty unique for a drugstore blush. The pigmentation is beautiful, you only have to tap your brush in it to pick up a good amount of color. It doesn’t seem to crumble under your brush, the texture is very velvety without being to soft.

It blends on the skin perfectly and is pretty buildable.

The lasting power over a foundation is just as good as any. Good stuff.

Over all this is a fantastic blush, particularly for 3 dollars. If your looking for a blush, you should pick this one up.



The magic shall be coming very soon.

I promise.